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Get Checked 4 Life (GC4L) is a non profit organization created by a concerned physician (doctor) to improve the quality of life within communities and ethnic groups that are underserved by the medical community. Racial discrimination, a lack of access to healthcare, and cultural barriers to health education are the classic contributors topoor health conditions among underserved populations..

For these reasons, Get Checked 4 Life pays particular attention to the health concerns of communities that are at an increased and disproportionate risk for illnesses such as: HIV/AIDS, stroke, cancer, asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. GC4L believes that every man, woman, and child is entitled to good health and the necessary tools to teach them to live a long, healthy life.

Our goal is to improve the health of the underserved by providing knowledge about common diseases, screening for many of these medical conditions and access to affordable health care resources.

Our aim is to help minority men, women and children easily access, educate and empower themselves to better handle their health care needs in a reasonable and sustainable manner.

Our belief is empowerment and educations are some of the best medicines for staying healthy!

Our difference is our method of delivery! GC4L brings the information, the resources and the personnel directly to the community through regular health fairs, radio programming, the internet and other community events – all in a language, tone and tempo that resonates throughout the minority community…


Get Checked 4 Life, Inc. Founder is Dr. Yael Varnado (Dr. V).  Dr. V’s philosophy is simple: educate those so that they can help themselves.

According to Dr. V,  ”It is important that we are committed to staying healthy. This means being informed about diseases that affect us and our communities.”  Dr. V enjoys working at a grassroot level to educate people about the illnesses and diseases that are pervasive in the the underserved and at-risk communities.  She believes, “Our health is too precious for us to be uninformed.”

Dr. Yael Varnado graduated with a B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington, in Seattle, and received her medical education at Cornell Medical College, in New York City.  She completed her Internship in Medicine at New York Hospital Queens, and her residency in Anesthesiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City with an interest in intensive and critical care.  Following her tenure in New York City, she undertook a fellowship in Ambulatory Anesthesia at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Varnado is a published author of scholarly articles and has a research interest in the treatment of neuropathic pain.  She has a passion for community service with a particular interest in breast cancer research and prevention.  She currently resides in Washington D.C.


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